Local SEO

Local customers look online first, so make sure they can find you.

Local SEO is a very powerful tool for small business, since search engines rely on surfacing the most relevant content for consumers, wherever they are in the world.

Optimising for search is about developing design, content and a reputation online that collectively deliver an unrivalled consumer experience for your ideal customers.

3 reliable ways to boost your visibility

1. Adopt consumer-centric design

Good design goes much further than pleasing the eye. Absolutely, a smart look gives a good impression, but fast, intuitive access to everything the user wants - and on any device - is a must.

2. Be the answer

Provide answers to the search-engine queries your customers type in to Google. Be consistent, responsive and relevant on your own website and in social media spaces.

3. Network to gain relevance

Location information, social profiles, reviews, discussion and links, require time and dedication, but collectively build a strong reputation that build search relevance. Pricing, location and reviews are essentials people look for online before visiting a local business. Spread this information far and wide, through networking and reciprocal social contribution, to net trade from customers looking for convenience and reliability.

When you need a helping hand...

SEO takes dedicated time and effort, which has to be sustained. Hills IQ can help shoulder that burden.

We'll help you identify target audiences, understand internet use habits and discover what questions people are asking. We turn insight into consumer-centric design and indispensable content, delivering an unrivalled user-experience and the all important answers that convert potential customers into paying ones.

Find the right technology and strategies to make your efforts worthwhile.